How to win at roulette? It is one of the most simple questions ask by the majority of the roulette playing population. Often, they say it is a matter of having luck on your side.

In fact, it is more a matter of techniques you use. To help you get through, here are the best tips offered just for you.

There is a good way for you to cut the house down to just 1.24% which will be an advantage since roulette is a game of chance. It is patterned to the assumption that past information may be used to accurately forecast future events: with this, strategize!

* Firstly, you should know how to bet on the best odds of success. There are two major kinds of Roulettes, one is American and the other is European. European Roulette gives you a more winning probability since it only contains one zero unlike the American Roulette which contains two.

* Secondly, use bets whose chances are near to their payouts. Doing these increases the positive odds to obtain the best success for the game e.g. stick to even money bets where possible, or column/row bets.

* Thirdly, have a solid statistical ground. Chances is not only associated with luck, it is also based on statistics. The probability of the ball landing on the red is ~50/50 (slightly less due to the zero slot). So over time, both black and red will be landed on an equal amount of times. If you see a streak of 10 blacks, it might be worth putting some chips on the red slot.

* Lastly, study more. Know about the different tips given by the expert players in this game. There are a lot of literatures written through books or online guides that will help you leave the casino with big fortunes.

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For many years roulette players have been endlessly looking for ways on how to win at roulette in a casino. Although the perfect roulette strategy has not yet been created, there are several roulette tips and tricks on how to win at roulette in a casino.

Some of these tips and tricks on how to win at roulette in a casino are as follows:

How to Win at Roulette in a Casino Tip # 1 – Play European Roulette

The most important and perhaps the most basic tip on how to win at roulette in a casino is to play European roulette. Whether you are playing in an online or in a land based casino, the European roulette game will surely give you a better advantage on the roulette table.

Basically, there are two types of roulette games that you can choose from. These games are the European and the American roulette games. What makes them different from each other is that the European roulette game has lesser slots on its wheel compared to the American roulette game. As a result of this disparity, the European roulette game gives the house only a 2.7% edge over its players. On the other hand, the American roulette game increases this edge to as much as 5.26%.

You have to remember that the difference between the two kinds of roulette games is not make-believe. It is based on a tangible mathematical fact. Thus, it is very important to follow this tip on how to win at roulette in a casino if you really want to win more games.

How to Win at Roulette in a Casino Tip # 2 – Practice Makes Perfect

Apart from choosing the European roulette game over the American roulette game, another important tip on how to win at roulette in a casino is to practice. Never underestimate what practice can do for you in a roulette game. Although roulette has very simple rules and mechanics, it is still very important for you to practice playing it.

This tip on how to win at roulette in a casino can be very advantageous to any roulette player. First of all, practicing will allow you to become more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the game. Another advantage of this particular tip on how to win at roulette in casino is that practicing will allow you to find the most efficient free roulette winning strategy to use in making your bets on the roulette table. It should give you the opportunity to understand how certain free roulette systems work and to examine whether these free winning roulette systems are effective or not.

In using this tip on how to win at roulette in a casino, you can use free roulette games online. Free roulette games will not require you to wager any money. You can also play these games over and over again. This makes free roulette games very ideal in scrutinizing the different factors that make up a roulette game.

Choosing the European roulette game and practicing, are just two of the most important tips on how to win at roulette in a casino. If you really intend to beat roulette, be sure to search for and consider the other helpful tips on how to win roulette in a casino. Let these tips on how to win at roulette in a casino guide you as you start playing roulette.


Between the two kinds of roulette games that you can choose from, the European roulette game is the more commonly played one. That is because this roulette game can actually provide a roulette player better roulette odds compared to the other kind of roulette game, which is the American roulette game. Now that free roulette games can be played online, more people play free European roulette games compared to free American roulette games.

So, what can you get if you play free European roulette games? How do find and play free European roulette games online? What are differences between playing a free European roulette game from making real money bets on the European roulette table online?

The Advantages You Get When You Play Free European Roulette Games Online

The advantages that you may get if you play free European roulette games online can be summarized in two simple words. These are “fun” and “practice”.

First and foremost, we all know how exciting a roulette game is. That is the reason why many people patronize this game despite of the fact that winning at roulette can be a bit dim. To play free European roulette games can be certainly fun and exciting much like playing the real European roulette online game. Although you may not have to wager any amount of money when you play free European roulette games, you will still play with the same roulette rules and mechanics.

Apart from the fun that you may experience when you play free European roulette games, these free online games roulette can also be very good for practice. Since it is more advantageous to play European roulette than American roulette, then you might as well practice playing the European roulette game. You can basically play free European roulette games over and over again. This would give you more than enough time to get to know the game better. In practicing, you can also try and test roulette strategies.

When you play free European roulette games online, no money or monetary transactions are involved. This set-up would give you the opportunity to enjoy the game better without worrying about the money that you may lose on it. Moreover, you can scrutinize the game better since you feel more relaxed when you play free European roulette games.

Play free European Roulette Games through Online Casinos and Online Gaming Sites

The most popular websites that would allow you to play free European roulette games are online casinos and online gaming websites.

When you play free European roulette games online using these websites, you may either be asked to register first before you can play the game or register later. Furthermore, the free European roulette games that these websites provide may either need to be downloaded first or you can also find games that you can instantly play such as the free roulette games no download. Choose the option that would suit you best.

It is not really difficult to find and play free European roulette games online. As a matter of fact, just by doing a simple research, you can come up with the best websites that provide these free on line roullete games. It is certainly convenient and very trouble-free.

Take advantage and play free European roulette games online to become better at playing roulette and to enjoy the game more. Find the right website and start playing free European roulette games online.


Roulette follows a very interesting idea. This idea has given plenty of people an inspiration to get a few things done. One of the best examples of this is the German movie Chinesisches Roulette or more commonly known as Chinese Roulette.

What is the movie Chinese Roulette all about? What is its connection to the game roulette?

Chinese Roulette Movie Plot

Chinese Roulette is a 1976 movie written and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and stars Margit Carstensen, Ulli Lommel and Anna Karina.

The movie Chinese Roulette is psychological drama that centers on a guessing game. The main characters of Chinese Roulette are Ariane and Gerhard and their crippled daughter Angela. In the movie, Arian and Gerhard have been cheating on each other and decided to separately spend the weekend abroad. Gerhard planned to take his mistress to their family’s country house. The only problem is that Ariane also made the same plan to go to their country house with her lover. Eventually, they ended up seeing each other in the country house. Nevertheless, they decided to continue with their plans.

Everything might have gone well, but their daughter followed them together with her mute aide. Although Angela was not really surprised by her parents’ betrayal to each other, she was not really thrilled about it. One morning, Angela instigates a game she called “Chinese Roulette”. In the game, the group is divided into two teams. Much like the real roulette game, the Chinese Roulette game is based on guesses. In the game, one team will make a guess on what the other team is thinking by asking questions. The twist of the game is that it has very violent consequences.

What Do People Think About Chinese Roulette?

The writer and the director of the movie Chinese Roulette is a very popular movie personality. Fassbinder was even considered as one of the most important ambassadors of the New German Cinema. In his fifteen year career as a director, he actually made 40 movies including the movie Chinese Roulette, 2 television series, 3 short films, 4 video productions, 24 stage plays and 4 radio plays. He was basically popular for creating movies that are provocative and psychologically disturbing. The movie Chinese Roulette was not at all different from the kinds of movies that were expected of him.

The movie received mixed criticisms from its viewers. In West Germany, not so many people are very optimistic about the movie. Nevertheless, in America, the movie Chinese Roulette received positive feedbacks. As a matter of fact, American critic Andrew Sarris was so intrigued by the movie that he created a university course that aims to analyze the movie Chinese Roulette. That is how controversial the movie is.

Chinese Roulette is perhaps an old film that may not be very popular among the younger generation. However, given the brilliant director, superb performers and a plot that can surely make you think, Chinese Roulette is a movie worth checking out.

For those who want to watch Chinese Roulette, there are plenty of websites that provide the movie or the movie file that you can easily watch or download. Using these websites, you can watch and download the movie online very easily.


Completely winning at roulette follows one simple rule. This rule may be quite unorthodox but most experts agree on it. This rule says that you will have to cheat the game to win it. Many roulette players have done it in past. Some of them succeeded, while other got caught. The question is that, what do you need to do to cheat on roulette? Do devices that provide electronic roulette cheats really work? If they do, how do they work?

Electronic Roulette Cheats – Understanding the Device

As playing roulette becomes more high tech, acquiring electronic roulette cheats have gotten more advanced as well. If you search online, you will find plenty of mediums that can provide you electronic roulette cheats to win at roulette. Some of them are computer programs while others are merely gadgets.

Using a program without a gadget or a gadget without a program can be ineffective. The idea to create the best electronic roulette cheats is to use a gadget with a very effective program. This is what a roulette cheating device is.

Finding a device that provides electronic roulette cheats can be simple. It can be found everywhere online. There is a device sold at £1,000 that is said to give you a 20% to 80% advantage on the roulette table.

The roulette device works in such a way that it looks for the most probable slots where the ball may fall when the wheel stops to spin. It does this by gathering and analyzing data. A roulette device that provides electronic roulette cheats has three parts. These parts are the clicker, computer and earpiece. The clicker is used to monitor and record the acceleration and deceleration of the wheel and the ball. This data will then have to be sent to a computer for analysis. The computer should be small enough to fit a cigarette lighter or a mobile phone. The results of the analysis or the electronic roulette cheats will then be relayed through the earpiece.

This is how you acquire electronic roulette cheats using the ultimate roulette cheating device.

Electronic Roulette Cheats – The Consequences of Cheating on Roulette

Given the good advantage that a roulette cheating device and electronic roulette cheats can provide, you would surely want to get one. Nevertheless, before you decide to get and use one, it is important to understand the consequences that you may have to face once you get caught using the device.

If you use a roulette cheating device to provide you electronic roulette cheats, you have to be very careful. These devices are not really considered illegal as long they do not interfere with actual roulette spin results. However, once you get caught using a roulette cheating device in a casino, they may ban your from that casino or they may not really pay your winnings.

Each and every roulette player wants to win at roulette. If you believe that you need to use electronic roulette cheats to win at roulette, then go ahead and use a roulette cheating device. On the other hand, if you do not feel like using any kind of device to acquire electronic roulette cheats, then just play roulette safely and stick with effective roulette tips to help you win more at roulette.


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