American Roulette wheel: Things you need to know about it.

American Roulette wheel: Things you need to know about it.

Have you seen a picture of the American Roulette Wheel? If you have you would notice that when compared with the European roulette wheel, the American roulette wheel has both a single zero and a double zero. The European wheel has only a single zero.

Another major difference between both of these wheels is that the American roulette wheel are always placed in pairs next to each other. For the European roulette wheel, the numbers are always placed in a very random order.

A lot of experts believe that the American Roulette wheel is more practical because the red/black and odd/even bets are placed right beside each other, and the first 18/last 18 betting spots are placed right beside the single numbers. However, European single roulette wheel is known to be much more beautiful in symmetry.

However, once you have gotten past the table, the European single zero roulette offer the player better odds than the American roulette wheel simply because it has only one single zero, whereas the American roulette wheel has a zero and a double zero.
You no doubt would appreciate the fact that the additional double zero affects the odds significantly over time.
For instance, the house edge on a single number bet on the American roulette wheel which has 38 different numbers would be 2/38, or 5.26%. On the other hand, the house edge on the European wheel with only a single zero has better odds. The house edge on a single number bet would be 1/37, or 2.70%.

This is why it is always advisable, and more profitable, to look for and play the single zero European roulette.
In spite of its name, you can still play the European roulette wheel in some US casinos. You really do not have to take unnecessary chances by playing the American Roulette wheel in Las Vegas, or some other exotic location.

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