Basic Tips on How to Win Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the oldest and most famous chance games in the world. Why? Because this game relies on chances to be able to win. It does not need a complex equation or a stressful thinking just to win. All you need is a gut feeling and believe on the bet you have made. For beginners here is how roulette is played and a tip on How to Win Roulette Online.

Roulette is a French word that means small wheel, because in the game of roulette you will see a small wheel, inlaid with numbers on the inside, being spanned. The numbers in the wheel are from 0 to 36. Each of which has a corresponding color. The betting side of the table is laid with a felt carpet marked into three sections. First section is for the inside betting, which consist of the numbers seen on the wheel. All numbers are set in a column, starting with 1 on column one and 2 and three on the next two columns, then 4 will be on column one again so on and so forth till it reaches 36. The other two sections are for outside betting, one is for red/black and the other for odd/even. You can choose whether to make an outside bet or an inside bet.

Here are a few tips on increasing your chances to win. The first betting system relies on the number of bets placed on a number. To have at least 50% chance of winning, place a bet on 19 different numbers. If one number wins then you will receive 35 dollars for every 1 dollar bet. Plus the other bets you made which are deducted from what you won will still leave you a considerable amount.

Another betting system you can use is the double up strategy. It requires you to make an outside bet. Each bet should be an even amount. When you lose you double the amount of your first bet, if you win the next bet, then you return to your first original bet.

There are other tips and strategies on How to Win Roulette Online, but the best strategy is to learn more and trust your gut feeling. After all roulette is a game of chance, so if you are really feeling lucky, try playing roulette, it just might make your day.

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