Chinese Roulette Movie Review

Roulette follows a very interesting idea. This idea has given plenty of people an inspiration to get a few things done. One of the best examples of this is the German movie Chinesisches Roulette or more commonly known as Chinese Roulette.

What is the movie Chinese Roulette all about? What is its connection to the game roulette?

Chinese Roulette Movie Plot

Chinese Roulette is a 1976 movie written and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and stars Margit Carstensen, Ulli Lommel and Anna Karina.

The movie Chinese Roulette is psychological drama that centers on a guessing game. The main characters of Chinese Roulette are Ariane and Gerhard and their crippled daughter Angela. In the movie, Arian and Gerhard have been cheating on each other and decided to separately spend the weekend abroad. Gerhard planned to take his mistress to their family’s country house. The only problem is that Ariane also made the same plan to go to their country house with her lover. Eventually, they ended up seeing each other in the country house. Nevertheless, they decided to continue with their plans.

Everything might have gone well, but their daughter followed them together with her mute aide. Although Angela was not really surprised by her parents’ betrayal to each other, she was not really thrilled about it. One morning, Angela instigates a game she called “Chinese Roulette”. In the game, the group is divided into two teams. Much like the real roulette game, the Chinese Roulette game is based on guesses. In the game, one team will make a guess on what the other team is thinking by asking questions. The twist of the game is that it has very violent consequences.

What Do People Think About Chinese Roulette?

The writer and the director of the movie Chinese Roulette is a very popular movie personality. Fassbinder was even considered as one of the most important ambassadors of the New German Cinema. In his fifteen year career as a director, he actually made 40 movies including the movie Chinese Roulette, 2 television series, 3 short films, 4 video productions, 24 stage plays and 4 radio plays. He was basically popular for creating movies that are provocative and psychologically disturbing. The movie Chinese Roulette was not at all different from the kinds of movies that were expected of him.

The movie received mixed criticisms from its viewers. In West Germany, not so many people are very optimistic about the movie. Nevertheless, in America, the movie Chinese Roulette received positive feedbacks. As a matter of fact, American critic Andrew Sarris was so intrigued by the movie that he created a university course that aims to analyze the movie Chinese Roulette. That is how controversial the movie is.

Chinese Roulette is perhaps an old film that may not be very popular among the younger generation. However, given the brilliant director, superb performers and a plot that can surely make you think, Chinese Roulette is a movie worth checking out.

For those who want to watch Chinese Roulette, there are plenty of websites that provide the movie or the movie file that you can easily watch or download. Using these websites, you can watch and download the movie online very easily.

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