Double Zero Roulette Strategy

Double Zero Roulette Strategy is a strategy for the American version of roulette. It is because the version has two zeros that are placed in the wheel. So the chances of winning will be slightly lower than that of a single zero roulette. But playing a double zero roulette is more exciting because the chances of unpredictability is higher. Here are some strategies that you can use in a double zero roulette.

The double up strategy is a system that can make a game more exciting. The process is simple; first you need to make an outside bet with an even value of amount. If you will lose then you will need to make the next bet twice the amount of the first. As long as you keep on losing, keep on doubling the amount. So you need to choose a table that can offer a high maximum amount of betting. But if you are lucky and win, you need to revert back to your original first bet.

Another way of possibly winning a game is to increase the number of bets in a single game. The roulette table has 38 numbers on it, so to make the chances of winning 50% then it is only logical to bet at least on 19 numbers. Do not worry, if you are will make 19 $1 dollar bets on a single game, if you win, then the pay off will be $35 less the other 18 bets that did not win, it will give you a return of investment of $17.

There maybe a million strategies that has been developed for the sole purpose of winning in roulette. But each one of them is no better than the other, so is the Double Zero Roulette Strategy. If you decide to use one of these strategies or your own, it is all up to you, as long you will enjoy your time playing.

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