Effective Strategies on Winning Roulette

There are many strategies in roulette playing which assures a player that he will win the game. It may not work, but you could always try it online before going to a real casino. Since it is free, you will not lose any amount of money.

One of the most known is the Martingale Betting Strategy. The prime idea of the strategy is to double your bet after you lose one. This would ensure that you will recover the losses you have had before, and profit from it. For example, your first bet amounted to a hundred dollars. If you lose, play once more, and bet two hundred dollars. If you lose once more, bet four hundred dollars. If you win on your third bet, you already have your money back, plus another two hundred dollars. The only problem with this strategy is that you might lose all your money after a succession of loses. You may run out of money, or might hit the table limit. Aside from that, there are no more problems with the strategy.

Another strategy is the DAlembert System. This is based on a mathematical equilibrium theory designed by a French mathematician. It suggests that you add one unit after each loss to your next bet. For example, your opening bet is 20 units and lost. Increase your bet to 21 units. If you lost again, increase your bet to 22 units. And when, on your third bet, you win, decrease it to 21 units. If you win on the fourth try, decrease it again.

There are other strategies that might work for you, but since you can never lose too much using these two strategies, try using it. As was stated above, try using it on an online roulette system first.

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