European Roulette Strategies on Betting

European Roulette Strategies is much the same as the strategies in American roulette. If you are familiar with strategies used in the American version then no need to read further on, but if you are still unaware of any strategies. Here are a few that you can use in the game of roulette.

Labouchere system, it is also called the cancellation list. Before playing a game of roulette, you need to make a list of possible winning numbers. The numbers can be random and repetitive and it does not have to be consecutive. If you have done making the list, then bet on the two end numbers on the list, the betting amount should be the value of the two added number. Now if by chance you win, then you scratch off the list the two numbers and continue with the next two end numbers, but if you are unlucky and lost, the sum of the two numbers will be added to the list.

The martingale and the DAlembert system are two betting strategies that are more or less the same. The strategies require you to increase your amount of bet every time you lose and reduce it every time you win. In the martingale system the amount to increase is twice the amount of the first bet, and the amount to reduce is simply to return to the first original bet. In the DAlembert the amount needed to be added is one unit in every lost game and one unit in every win.

There are several more European Roulette Strategies, but most players know that one is effective as the other, but it can never be better than the next strategy. Hence players of roulette just need to trust what they feel and take a chance on that risk.

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