European Roulette Strategy Ways of Increasing Chances in Winning

European Roulette Strategy Ways of Increasing Chances in Winning

There are two types of roulette game in the world. The American version which has the numbers 0 to 36 on the wheel but the zero is placed twice on the wheel. The European version has only one zero in the wheel. The game is played the same. A ball is spanned into the spinning wheel, the number where the balls stops is the declared winner. But what are some of the European Roulette Strategy that can actually increase a players chance to win?

In a European Roulette game there is already a slightly increased percentage possibility of winning, compared to that of the American roulette. The betting system is also the same. The house or the casino sets a minimum and maximum amount of betting amount. A player can place either an inside or an outside bet.

One strategy a player can use in an inside bet is the Labouchere System, it is where a list is made before playing, the list contains an even amount of number bets on a number. An example of a list is 9 6 4 1 8 2, to make a bet, the player will place a bet on the number that is listed at both ends of the list, which is 9 and 2, the amount to bet is the sum of the two numbers which is 11. If a player wins, he/she then cancels the two numbers and move on to the next end numbers. If the player loses, then the sum of the two numbers will then be added on the list, the list would then become 9 6 4 1 8 2 11. This system is also called the cancellation strategy.

A strategy that a player can use on an outside bet is the double up strategy. The process is simple; a player will make an outside bet with an even amount. If the player will lose, he/she will then double that amount on the next bet, a player needs to keep doubling the amount every time he/she loses, but if the player wins, then he/she then will revert back to the first original betting amount.

There are other strategies that a player can use; some of them even involve cheating. But this type of strategy is dangerous and frowned upon.

The best European Roulette Strategy does not exist, because frankly speaking, roulette is a game of chance, and a player needs to have a good feel for things to be lucky in this game. But the game roulette is still a very exciting game to play, even if it cannot be a source of income for avid players.

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