Choosing the Best Casino Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of chance, whether we bet every time will not increase the odds of winning. But we can though increase the possibility of winning even by a certain percent. Casino Roulette Strategy has increased in the several decades. But there are classic strategies one can use to better their chances in winning a game in roulette.

First thing first, whether it is online or the actual casinos choosing the right roulette table is a key to increasing ones chance. There are two types of roulette (American and European). It is better to choose a European roulette table because in yields a higher percentage of winning a game.

First strategy is called the Martingale System. To use this type of strategy you need to know first if the table allows a high maximum amount of betting. To use this, you need to make an outside bet of an even amount (whether it is in the red/black section or the odd/even), if you lose the bet double up on the amount on the next bet. Keep on doubling up every time you lose and return it to the first original amount if you win.

Next betting system is called the Labouchere System. It is also called the cancellation system. Before playing you need to first make a list of betting numbers which would count an even number ( example 1 and 3 or 1 4 10 30 or 15 12 10 1 3 6). You then bet on the two end numbers with the amount of the two numbers combined, if you win cancel the two numbers, then proceed to the next two end numbers. But if you lose you add 1 to the combined two numbers and add it on the list.

There are other simple ways of increasing the chances of winning like betting 19 numbers in a single spin. But like all betting system, there is really no concrete proof that you will win all the time. A drawback in using the said betting systems is that you accumulate the amount you are betting, which will reach the table limit faster.

Therefore it is always up to your gut feeling in what betting system you want to use. Whether if its your own betting system or anothers, just remember that like all chances in life, not all succeed to have a good results.

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