Easy Strategy on How to Win on Roulette Online

For a veteran in the field of playing roulette, that player already knows a lot of strategies to use to give him the odds of winning in roulette, but for a beginner like you, a simple betting strategy is all you want to rely on right now. Here are a few Easy strategies on How to win on Roulette Online.

If you have been playing already, you already know how the table is laid out and how the game works? If not, study first on how to play roulette, before applying these simple strategies.

A one dollar inside bet on roulette will win you $35, and every bet you make has one chance out of 36 to possibly win a game. So the goal is to increase that percentage of possibility. This first strategy is simply increasing the number of bets in one game. You have to bet on 19 different numbers so that you can have a 50-50 percent chance of winning. If you win then the $35 -18 = $17, so have made a profit of seventeen dollars.

Another strategy you can use also focuses on increasing the number of bets. You place a $10 bet on a number in one of the three columns, then place another seven $1 bets on other numbers not in that column. The computation is a bit tricky, but more or less, you will have the possibility of winning the same amount.

The simplest strategy you can use is waiting, waiting for a number that has not yet won; the principle here is that sooner or later that number will be bound to win. But you have to play several hours just so you can win.

There are other strategies you can use, but it involves spending more than these three strategies mentioned. But if you have the money for it, try the strategy, it may or may not bring you good luck. But always remember that roulette is a game on chance and nobody can always win on just a chance!

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