How to Win a Roulette Game at the Casino

How to win Roulette at the casino is most often ask by people who have yet to play the game. Serious players already developed their own betting system that a newcomer will not understand. So for beginners like you, here is what roulette is and how you will play the game and win.

A brief history lesson on how roulette became a game. A French scientist named Blaise Pascal was studying continuous perpetual motion and designed a small wheel, a friend of his saw the will and recommended that the wheel be used for gambling. This was the myth that surrounds the invention of the game. Through the years roulette has been played in many countries and continents. Today there are only two version of roulette that still exists, a version in Europe and another Version in America.

In a roulette table, one can see a small wheel on top; the insides of the wheel are pocketed and marked with numbers from 0 to 36. Each number has its own color, green for the number 0 and red or black for 1 to 36. A portion of the table is set for the betting, which is divided into three sections. One section contains the numbers seen in the wheel and is placed in three columns. A bet placed in a number is an inside bet. The other two sections are marked with Red/Black and Odd/Even, these sections are for an outside bet.

To place a bet simply put an amount either on a number or on the two sections for outside betting. Once the croupier tells the players that betting has ceased, any upcoming bets should wait for the next game. The wheel is then spanned and a tiny metal ball is spanned in another direction, where the ball stops is the declared winner.

How to win Roulette at the casino is easy enough to follow simply by watching other players. The hard part of the game is deciding what number to bet on, because roulette has a 1 in 37 chance that a player can win a game.

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