How to Win European roulette Using Basic Strategies

Roulette is played not only in the US but also in different parts of the world. In Europe like in Monte Carlo, there is another version of roulette; it is a version that has a single Zero in the wheel. It is a European version of the game, with these in mind. What are some of the strategies that can be used in how to win European Roulette?

The version of roulette in Europe contains a single zero, so in choosing to play this type of roulette, is already in itself a strategy to increase the chances of winning.

First strategy that one can use is the DAlembert System, named after a French mathematician. It is a strategy that is almost equal to the Martingale or the Double up strategy. The only difference is that the value added is only a single unit, and if a player wins using this strategy, the player needs to deduct one unit of value in the next bet.

Since we mentioned already the double up system, it is best to discuss it already. It is a betting system that requires players to make outside bets. Every time that a player loses he/she needs to double the amount of the next bet. But if the player wins, then the value of the next bet will return to the initial amount.

Any player in roulette knows that the game roulette is a game of chance. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you must know that any betting strategy used whether in any of the two versions of roulette, there is no better strategy than to trust ones own instinct, because all strategies developed by players in How to Win European Roulette, is just as effective as the other strategies.

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