Physics tells you: you may win roulette. But you may

Physics tells you: you may win roulette. But you may also lose.

Roulette has been in existence even before the World Wars. As such, many people have already tried to break the belief that it is a mere probability game. There are a few who got a fair result. But yes, there are more who got bad results. Many have won in this casino game, but there are only a few. Maybe, you have not won in a game yet, thats why you are reading this article. But then, you may have won a game and is just curious about the article.

Know that one of the most unfair casino games is the roulette, most particularly the American roulette. It is because there are two zeroes that will never benefit the player. These two zeroes will definitely benefit the casino, but never the bettor.

Therefore, of all the games in a casino, it is the hardest game to win at. Many have won in this game, but there are many more that lost in this game. One of the most famous bets in the world is made by Derren Brown. He played roulette on October 2, 2009, and betted 5000. The money came from the publics money somewhere in Europe. It was shown across Europe live, using a hidden camera on his sleeves. His plan? To predict the balls place using the Law of Physics. He based it on the speed of the ball and the wheel. He bet it on the number 8, but then, he lost as it landed on number 30, a number out of 8.

See? Even physics says that the roulette is a hard game. Even Albert Einstein says so. But then, maybe, you could win a game. You can win, of course. But try to bet small amounts so you wont lose big amounts. Just look what happened to Derren Brown. He lost all those money for nothing.

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