Roulette System Strategy on How to best win a Game

Roulette System Strategy on How to best win a Game

Roulette has been and always will be a game of chance. The possibility of winning every game is impossible. But here is a few Roulette System strategy that can help increase the chances of winning a single game.

Betting 19 bets in one game can give a 50-50 chance of winning. Because there are 37 numbers in the wheel, so a chance of winning in a single bet is 1 out of 37. So if there are 19 bets in one game, it would cut the playing field into half.

Martingale system or the double up strategy can be used in an outside bet. This is done by placing a bet with an even amount. If a player loses, he then doubles the bet in the next game. If the player wins, he goes back to the initial bet.

Labouchere system or the Cancellation list is a strategy that requires a player to make a list of numbers that his gut feeling tells him/her it will win; number can be as random and repetitive as the player wants it to be, then after making the list, the player bets on the two end numbers. The amount of the bet should be the sum of the two numbers. If the player loses, the sum of the numbers will be added to the list. If the player wins, the two numbers will be listed off.

The Dalembert system is a strategy that is almost an equal to the double up strategy. The only difference is on how much to add when a player loses and how much to deduct when the player wins. The strategy only requires adding or deducting a single unit of value.

There is a Roulette System Strategy for every player to use, but each one is as better as the other, therefore play with the instinct of a winner and take a chance every bet that is made.

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