Roulette Wheel: The Wheel of Chance

Whenever you enter a casino, more often than not, it is always the roulette wheel that catches your attention. This circular object is the most important part of the roulette game equipment. For casino players, this circular object seems to have its hypnotic appeal that you cant help but stare at it and be near it.

Knowing about the wheel is not exactly the core of the roulette game but somehow learning a thing or two about it can come handy and can definitely make you feel closer as to the excitement of the actual roulette game itself. The wheel can be nearly three feet in diameter and closer to a hundred pounds heavy. Looking closer at the wheel we can see several mini compartments or what they refer to as pockets with numbers on them. The pockets are colored red, black, or green. The pockets are numbered 1 to 36, which are then evenly split into the two colors red and black. Green on the other hand is the color of the pockets numbered 0 and 00. A much closer look at the wheel reveals the very detailed arraignment of the pockets; the alternating black and red colors, pairs of even numbers alternating the odd numbers, and an odd number always with the next highest even number.

The roulette wheels design overall always brings that mystic aura and this is probably why a lot of people are drawn to it and cannot keep their eyes away from it. The wheel also exudes such a commanding presence in a casino and is the reason why the roulette game in general is known as the King of Casino games. Everyday, more and more people are taking interest with the roulette game and finding the game much more entertaining and fun.

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