Simple Strategy on How to Win Roulette

Roulette is a game as old as time. It started in France when a friend of Blaise Pascal (a scientist who made a small wheel to study perpetual motion) advised to use the small wheel in gambling, so the legend goes. Through the years it traveled from France to Europe, to Germany and in America. How to win in Roulette is what beginners want to know?

You as a beginner in playing roulette must always remember that this game is a game of chance. There is no complex equation that can help you win more games in roulette. The only advice that most people can give you is on how to increase the chance of winning a single game in roulette. Here are easy to follow strategy that you can use.

To increase your chances of winning a game, you can use a simple betting of increasing the number of bets. Why? Well in an American roulette you have a 1 in 38 chance of winning a game, which is less than 3%… so to increase that percentage you need to make 18 more bets that would be 19 bet in total, to give you a 50% chance of winning. If you are lucky and you win, then you would have made 17 dollars more ($1 bet will win $35 less the other 18 bets equals to 17).

Another simple strategy is to wait on the possibility that a number that has not come up yet, it will definitely come up sooner or later. But you need to play a very long time, just to be able to win.

The simplest tip that can be given to a beginner like you is choosing a European Roulette rather than the American version. European roulette only uses a single 0 on their wheel, you will have a slightly higher chance in winning, which is 1 out of 37.

But the best thing about this game is not on How to win Roulette, but on playing the game itself. It is very exciting because you are taking on a risk of the unknown and waiting on the possibility that you might win.

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