The Fallacy of Strategies

There are roulette players who believe that there are strategies on playing roulette. But believe me, there arent. Even the great mind of Albert Einstein said so. To quote him, the only way to bit roulette is to steal the money when the dealer is not looking. I must say, what he said was true. Nothing could predict the balls place on the table, even mathematical computations. You could only count the probability that you will win. That ends there.

Although there is no strategy, players like to use systems that they think would work. There are some that instead of betting on one number, bet on many different numbers, just to ensure that they will win the game. But no, this wouldnt really ensure your win. You might even lose more money by doing this.

The only thing a system does is to raise your chance of winning. Maybe, some of you wouldnt say so. But really, nothing would predict the outcome of your game. As Ive written earlier, nothing could predict where the ball will end up on. There is no chance that you could know where it would be going, so please stop thinking that there is a mathematical computation on winning a game of roulette.

But then, its your choice if you would keep on using a strategy. I just want to say that there is no entity here on earth, or anywhere, who will tell you that you will win the game. This is purely based on luck and chance, nothing more. I wouldnt keep you from doing what you want to do. This was just written so that you may know that nothing would know anything on this game. But then, you are free to use whatever system you want to use.

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