The Martingales Reversal

There are more than a thousand of strategies to use on a roulette game. These are known as systems, actually, not strategies. But of course, they still have the same goal: to help you get some money out of the game.

Surely, you have heard about the Martingale Betting System. There are three systems: the Martingale itself, the Grand Martingale System, and the Reverse Martingale. The first two are the same. They both tell you to increase your bet after losing a game, and go back to your previous bet after winning.

The Reverse Martingale is, like its name suggests, the opposite of the Martingale. Unlike the two first Martingales, you use it after winning, not after losing a game. Once you lose a game, you go back to your previous bet. You will bet one unit until you win. And when you win, you will double your last bet. In short, you double your bet each time you win, and reduce your bet each time you lose.

For example, you staked $3 on your first bet. You won on your first bet, so now, you have $6. On your next bet, you staked $6. You won, so on your next bet, it is $12. You lost this game, so you must go back to one unit. Continue this until you dont want to play anymore. But you must remember not to go for more than four streaks. Since there is a bigger probability that you will lose after four times, stop at this.

You could also try other systems. But since this assures you a win, you should try it. You could also try using the two other Martingale systems, but as I have said, the Reverse Martingale is more effective than the Classic Martingale and the Grand Martingale.

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