Roulette winning A Background on How to Bet and

Roulette winning A Background on How to Bet and Win in Roulette

Want to learn roulette? Roulette Winning is very easy to follow and it is easy to do, here is a background on roulette and how its played.

Little wheel is what roulette means in French. In reality you will see a small wheel on top of a table. Now inside this wheel are pockets, each pockets are labeled with numbers from 0 to 36, each number has its corresponding color, all except for the number 0, which is colored green.

The betting table of roulette consists of three parts. One part is for inside bets, an inside bet is made on a number, now each number on the betting table are put in three columns. Column 1 starts with number 1 then 4, column two starts with 2 then 5 and third column begins with 3 and then 6 and ends with 36 ( going down the column each number has an interval of three numeric values). The other two parts of the betting table are for the outside bets. One portion will be a bet on red or black, the other portion will be a bet on odd or even.

You have the choice of either making an inside bet or an outside bet, but once the croupier tells you betting is over, do not bet anymore because it will not be counted. The croupier then spins the wheel in one direction and sends a tiny metallic ball spinning the opposite direction. Once the ball stops on one of the pockets, the number, color, or if its odd or even is the winner. If that is your number then you win. Its as easy as pie.

You can learn more on roulette winning, just practice playing more and learn from what other players do, ask advices and tips on how to place bets. Soon you will be a pro in playing roulette.

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