Working Out a Roulette Strategy in Playing Casino Online

In devising a roulette strategy the player must keep in mind that in all the casino games around, the roulette has the most number gambling systems than any other casino games. Given that, newbie in the game should keep their roulette strategies as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

There is no roulette strategy that will guarantee constant success at the roulette table. The important thing to do is find a strategy that you are comfortable with.

One such simple and most efficient betting strategy is to aim to win more money in fewer spins. Remember that as the game progresses the casino will always have the advantage. Find a roulette system that you like and go with it. Odds are it’s just as good as any other system out there. The good rule of thumb here is to not increase your bets to make up for past loses. This is not a good betting strategy.

Another way to optimize your winnings is to search for roulette tables with variations in your favor. Such variations include single zero wheels and the “en prison” rule, or surrender rule. The single zero wheels can give you an advantage over the house to as close as 1.35%. Though American casinos have now rarely included them in their gaming system, they can be easily found in online gaming and in casinos around the world. Never play the five number bet, 0-00-1-2-3. In the roulette game, this bet has the worst odds on the table.

Always remember that one simple roulette strategy, is knowing when to quit. When playing make sure you set your acceptable loss limit and be prepared to walk away while you’re still ahead. In time, you will develop your own simple roulette strategies that will keep you winning the game.

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