Odds are, you are Better off with the European

You, a roulette player, know that there are two roulette tables: the European and the American tables. And you, as a roulette player, know that these two are different. And by using one, you get either a better result, or maybe a worse result.

The difference between the two is the zeroes. The European table has only one zero, while the American table has two zeroes (0, 00). Since you will never benefit from the number, other players suggest that you use the European table. The zero will benefit the casinos, if you still dont know.

In a classic European roulette table, there are 37 pockets. Meaning, there is a bigger possibility that you can win the game. And since it has one zero on the table, using this table would be much better than using the American table. Since there are 37 pockets in this table, your odds of winning are much better. Odds of winning on a single number is higher, since the house edge only amounts to 2.36%, rather than the 5.27% of the American table.

The American roulette table has two zeroes on it, thats why there is a larger risk in using this. Nobody can explain why online roulette players choose this over the European one. One can only suggest that its nothing more than absurdity. Since this table has 38 numbers on it, you have lower odds on winning a game through this. The numbers are black and red (1 -36), and the green (0 and 00).

When betting, always remember that these two tables are different. And also that there is a bigger chance for you to win if you use the European roulette table. Since there is no benefit if the ball lands on the zeroes of both tables, use the European table because it has only one zero on it.

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