The Advantage of Playing European Roulette

There have been many roulette systems and roulette wheels floating around. Most of the published roulette systems are based on European roulette. As it states the origin of roulettes, it conquers around every corner of the globe.

The house edge for European game was reduced over the American roulette. Those living in the US may not be aware of this. Roulette is more popular in Europe than in the United States. The difference of the two roulettes is not that far. They have same payoffs. The design of the wheel is also the same. The tables designs are pretty similar, as well. The only difference they got is the amount of zeros situated at the wheel. This little difference caused a huge effect on the two types of roulette.

Contrastingly, the American version has thirty-eight numbers. Except the zero numbers, there are alternates between the red and black. Half of the numbers are odds and even. On the other hand, the European game has many zeros that became half of the numbers than the American roulette. A five percent house advantage is sustained by the house in an American version while the former has only two percent on house advantage.

When we say house advantage, the odds are placed on the percentage that comes with the bet. For example, $100 bet losses already $5 for an American roulette while $2 for the European type. In the long run, this percentage advantage of the house will accumulate to thousands of dollars. All American casinos do not have tables for another type of roulette. Nonetheless, European tables are offered in almost all of the online casinos. This is a nice thing because all citizens of the world will have the options on what kind of roulette are they going to play.

All games primary concern is recreation. It is far way advantageous and more fun if you are enjoying and winning. For gambler, odds are better in European roulette. Above anything else, the personal choice of a person will call the shot.

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