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European Roulette Table, a term mostly used in the USA, is roulette with a single zero regardless of the table layout, could refer to either the American Roulette with a single zero or to the French Roulette as both use the same type of roulette wheel with the same sequence of numbers.

In terms of design and rules, it is very similar to the American Roulette wheel. Therefore, in order to fully understand this system of roulette, this article would be making comparisms between the European Roulette Table and the American Roulette table.

The most essential difference is that the European wheel only has one single zero while the in the American wheel there is a single zero as well as a double zero.

Secondly, another difference is that the numbers on the American roulette wheel are placed in pairs opposite of one another, while in the European wheel the numbers are placed in a more random order.

According to experts opinions, the European single zero roulette table is more beautiful in symmetry while the American tables are more practical during play. This is so because the red/black and odd/even are placed right next to each other, and the first18/last18 betting spots are placed immediately beside the single numbers.

For a fact, the European single zero roulette offers the player better odds than the American wheel. This is so because it only has a single zero whereas the American wheel has a double zero. This slight/minute difference affects the odds more than you may think.

On the American wheel, the house edge on a single number bet with 38 different numbers is 2/38 – or 5.26%, while on the European wheel the house edge has only a single zero, so the house edge on this bet is only 1/37 – or 2.70%.
The rules of European roulette have 10 types of bets.

When you observe that the odds shift so much in a game, you should try searching for the single zero European roulette table system.

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